October 1, 2013

Considering Buying Your First Electric Car?

There have been a number of news reports in the media lately about the benefits of buying an electric car. Sales of electric vehicles have doubled in the first six months of 2013 and are expected to continue on their rising trajectory in the near future. While most people know that driving an electric vehicle is supposed to be better for the Earth because less gasoline is burned, many do not consider buying an electric car because they cannot see how the purchase really benefits them. There are a number of things that potential buyers should know when considering purchasing an electric car. Keeping these points in mind will help them find the best car for their needs at the best price.

The Cost Of An Electric Car

Many people shy away from buying an electric car when they see the sticker price. The prices of many electric cars are significantly higher than their gasoline powered counterparts. One of the reasons for the increased price is the cost of manufacturing the technology that allows the car to be powered without using gasoline. To encourage people to look past the price of the car when considering purchasing one, there are federal and state tax rebates available for purchasing an electric car. These incentives can knock nearly $10,000 off of the price of the car if utilized correctly.

The Range Of An Electric Car

Another thing that concerns people that are considering purchasing an electric car is the range that they will be able to drive in the car. Most electric vehicles can only travel about 100 miles before they have to be recharged and recharging fully can take several hours. While this range may not be great for long trips, it is perfect for traveling around town doing errands. If you rarely travel long distances, consider purchasing an electric car for your everyday needs and renting a car or using some other form of transportation when you need to travel farther than the car’s range allows.

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